Bodybuilding Competition - Overall Winners

Bodybuilding Competition - Overall Winners

In most amateur bodybuilding competition, after the weight-class winners are announced there is a posedown among the winners of each class to determine the overall winner. This means that, having won a weight class, you don't relax and begin to celebrate. You have another bodybuilding posedown to deal with. While the bigger bodybuilders tend to win these overall titles, it is by no means a sure thing. Middleweights and even lightweights have been known to take the overall. Furthermore, since the overall winner is selected in just a few minutes onstage, it is essential that you pump yourself up to the highest energy levels for this challenge, especially since overall winners in amateur bodybuilding contests frequently win the privilege of turning pro!

One exception to this procedure is the IFBB World Amateur Championships - until 1976 know as the Mr. Universe contest. There is no overall winner selected at the World Championships. In the past, each class winner was eligible to turn pro and was immediately qualified for the Mr. Olympia contest. However, this resulted in too many bodybuilders at the Mr. Olympia who simply weren't competitive, so more recently the IFBB has been holding a posedown for the class to select one bodybuilding competitor from the Mr. Universe to be invited to enter the Mr. Olympia. Even then, the winner's national federation still has to recommend him to the pro division of the IFBB before he is invited to compete in the pinnacle of bodybuilding competition which is the - Mr Olympia bodybuilding competition.

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