Bodybuilding Competition - Endurance

Bodybuilding Competition - Endurance

Another thing to remember during your bodybuilding competition, is that you might end up being onstage for quite a while during a bodybuilding competition. The more comparisons you are brought out for and the more bodybuilding posing you do, the more endurance you need in order to get through the show without experiencing undue fatigue or even cramping up.

How do you achieve this endurance? by practicing all the bodybuilding poses over and over for a period of weeks or months. Again, keep in mind that your are doing a kind of bodybuilding posing even when you stand in the lineup onstage waiting to be called out for a comparison. Even at the back of the stage you are still visible to the judges, and if you let your body sag, your abs stick out, or appear to be tired or discouraged, this is bound to influence how the officials are going to score you.

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