Tanning Parlors and Sunlamps

Tanning Parlos and Sunlamps

Indoor tanning parlors have proliferated all over the country. You lie on a bed that is, in effect, a giant sunlamp, and you get your exposure in short, calculated doses. People generally consider tanning parlors to be safer than exposure to the sun, but it is important to realize that any rays that can tan you can also burn and damage your skin, so the same cautions apply to using tanning parlors as to lying out in the sun.

Start slowly. Give your skin the time it needs to tan, and try to avoid burning and peeling, which not only make you look bad but also force you to start all over. Home sunlamps present the same dangers. Many people have burned themselves badly, even damaging their eyes, by remaining too long under a sunlamp.

"A good tan helps to keep your definition from disappearing under the bright stage lights"

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