Bodybuilding Competition Guide - Total Preparation

Bodybuilding Competition Guide - Total Preparation

It is really unfortunate to see a bodybuilder with a great physique, who has obviously paid his dues in the gym, posing beautifully during the bodybuilding competition onstage and then ruining the total effect because he has overlooked some detail of his presentation guide for the bodybuilding competition.

The higher the level you reach in bodybuilding competition, the more competitive it becomes, and the more bodybuilding preparation guide which you need to adhere to. And when a judge is comparing you to an equally good bodybuilder and having trouble deciding to whom to award the higher score, some minor aspect of your appearance may make the difference, such as your posing trunks, skin tone, skin color, haircut or cleanliness.

Obviously, you can't win a contest purely on the basis of presentation. Bodybuilding, after all, is primarily about development of the body. But the overall impression you make on the judges is made up of more than just your muscles and conditioning, and anything that detracts from that appearance can cost you when the final scored are tallied.

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