Bodybuilding Competition Guide - Hairstyle

Bodybuilding Competition Guide - Hairstyle

Hairstyles vary in bodybuilding just as they do in the rest of society. In the 1960s and 1970s there were bodybuilders who went with the then-current fashion of long hair. In the 1990s suddenly you saw a number of bodybuilders standing onstage with shaved heads. Neither extreme, is a particularly good idea for competition bodybuilders.

We understand how you wear your hair is part of you - part of your personality and self-expression. Fashions change and that includes fashions in hairstyles. The look, the visual element, is an essential part of bodybuilding.

In bodybuilding, if your hair is long and shaggy, it not only comes down over your neck and obscures your traps, but also makes your head look gibber - and your body correspondingly smaller. Bodybuilders appear so strange to people that anything that adds to that strangeness can be detrimental, making them look more like pro wrestlers than physique competitors. This includes dyeing the hair, shaving it off, or anything else you can do with hair. Some bodybuilders look good with shaved heads. The idea is to present yourself onstage in a way that works best for you. You should avoid copying someone you admire or following a particular fashion unless the look you arrive at suits your particular physique and overall appearance.

How, then, do you decide about hairstyle? Study your haircut in the mirror, look at photos, and decide whether you would present a better appearance with longer or shorter hair, or hair cut in a different style. Think about it - is having your name shaved into the side of your head really going to help you win contests? Is wearing a ponytail or a Mohawk going to add to or detract from the overall impression you make on the judges? The bottom line to all of this is simple: Is what we are doing with our appearance, color, haircut, or trunks going to help us win this bodybuilding contest or not?

Also, don't shy away from getting help from professionals. By all means try working with a hairstylist, maybe wear your hair a number of different ways over time, until you find the style that suits you best during your bodybuilding competition.

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