Bodybuilding Competition Guide -

Choose Posing Trunks

Bodybuilding Competition Guide - Choose Posing Trunks

It is important to choose the right bodybuilding posing trunks well before bodybuilding competition. If you wait until just a few days before the event you are taking a chance. You may have to search quite a while to find the bodybuilding trunks you want, to order a pair through the mail, or even to have them specially tailored for you. Evaluate the color and texture of a particular pair of bodybuilding posing trunks, and have photos taken wearing them so you are absolutely sure they suit you in every way.

In the past, there was much more variation in the styles of bodybuilding posing trunks you'd see onstage than there is today. For example, bigger and more Herculean bodybuilders, wore trunks cut fuller than did leaner bodybuilding competitors. Today, virtually all the top bodybuilders wear very narrow-cut bodybuilding posing trunks, even the more massive physique competitors like Dorian Yates and Jay Cutler.

But even if bodybuilding posing trunks tend to be more of the same general styles, there is still a big difference in how they are cut and how they fit. Some ride higher on the hips, some lower. Some are cut fuller in the back and others show more glute. So it is still important to be sure that the bodybuilding trunks you choose fit you well and show off your physique to your best advantage. For example, if you have powerful obliques, bodybuilding trunks that cut right across the bottom of these muscles are likely to make you look fat, as if there is fat hanging over them, while lower-cut trunks reveal the full extent of your muscular development in the area and make the entire waistline look extremely impressive.

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