The Bodybuilding Physique

The Bodybuilding Physique

There are other sports in which athletes develop big muscles, but bodybuilding it about the maximum aesthetic development of the entire physique. The ideal bodybuilding physique would look something like this: Wide shoulders and back tapering down to a tight waist: legs in proper proportion to the torso. Big, shapely, and proportionate muscular development, with full muscles tapering down to small joints. Every body part developed, including such areas as rear delts, lower back, abdominals, forearms, and calves. Good muscular definition and muscle separation.

Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect athlete in any sport. Athletes always have strengths and weaknesses. In bodybuilding, all of us who have competed in the sport have had weak points that we strove to overcome by specific types of training and posing techniques. Nature makes some physiques better than others, more ideally proportioned, more responsive to training.

In past years, there have been champions like Frank Zane, who had beautiful aesthetics and was a master poser, but who many thought lacked the mass and density they would like to see in a champion. Franco Columbu won 2 Mr. Olympia in spite of being much shorter that you'd think would be possible in a champion competing at that level. Dorian Yates won many Mr. Olympia, deservingly, but he has also been continually criticized by some for being much too thick and blocky and lacking the overall aesthetic and athletic look they feel bodybuilding ought to be about.

It may seem strange that having too much muscle can be a drawback, but although bodybuilding is about big muscles, it can be disadvantage to be too mesomorphic, with thick slabs of muscle rather than aesthetic tapering ones. Many seemingly massive bodybuilders actually have fairly small skeletons and joints, which help to give muscles that more aesthetic shape. Most people are surprised that, even Arnold at his heaviest competition weight, the average individual could still nearly close his fingers around Arnold's wrist. Lee Haney, who dominated the Mr. Olympia in the 1980s, got into bodybuilding after twice breaking his leg playing football. Again, he has huge, powerful muscles, but a lighter and more aesthetic skeletal structure.

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