Shorten Your Weight Training Sessions

Shorten Your Weight Training Sessions

Your weight training sessions should last no longer than one hour. And you know what? we're being extremely liberal with that amount of time. We really believe you can be extremely effective in far less time. But, because we know it's such a challenge for most of us to shorten our workouts and still feel confident that we are doing enough to meet our bodybuilding goals. We'll make the cutoff point one hour.

Regardless of how your try to rationalize it, longer training sessions are not more productive. You must force yourself to become just as effective in a shorter period of time by becoming more efficient. We've given the time we spend training in the gym the empowering title of our "Hour of Power!"

Remember, it's not our experience that allows us to shorten our time in the gym without sacrificing effectiveness. It's your lack of experience that makes you feel you must stay in the gym longer! The only way you will ever become more efficient is by setting ambitious goals for productivity. We don't mean to sound harsh. We only want to help you. We simply want you to avoid making some of the same mistakes we've made over the years.

Stimulating the muscles can be done quite effectively in one hour or less. It's a fact that the more time you spend in the gym, the more your concentration and focus will wane. The more your mental focus and concentration diminish the less effective you will become physically.

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