Is Bodybuilding a Sport ?

Is Bodybuilding a Sport ?

Bodybuilding as a system of exercise is the most efficient and effective way to strengthen and develop muscles . Some think bodybuilding is only an intense form of competition but not a sport. However, we think bodybuilding qualifies as a sport for a number of reasons. One is the incredible amount of athletic effort involved in training, in developing the physique to prepare for competition. Another is the high level of athletic demand involved in the performance part of bodybuilding - that is, posing and flexing onstage. As we will go into more detail later, to be able to pose during a contest, to squeeze and flex your muscles, be able to hold poses for as much as an hour or more at a time - and to do it really well, with high energy levels and full control of your entire body the whole time - is an athletic feat comparable to a boxer going twelve rounds for the heavyweight championship of the world.

One reason people have trouble understanding the nature of bodybuilding is that there are two basic kinds of sports - those judged by measurement (how far, how fast, how high etc) and those judged by form (diving, gymnastics, ice skating). Bodybuilding is a sport of form, but instead of movement the form involved is that of the body itself - the size, shape, proportion, detail, and aesthetic quality of the physique as developed in the gym, prepared by dieting, and displayed by performing bodybuilding poses.

In any event, although bodybuilding has not yet become an Olympic sport, it has been accepted by the international amateur sports community and been included in such events as the Asian Games and Pan American Games. Therefore we are not alone in our opinion that bodybuilding is a sport.

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