Diet Info For Bodybuilding Beginners

Diet Info for Bodybuilding Beginners

Diet info for bodybuilding beginners - mom may have warned you against snacking between meals, but now that you're a bodybuilder you're told to eat and eat often, no less than six times a day. Mom was right on at least one point: You need to watch what you eat! And her advice is as important as ever if you get hungry an hour or so before training, when a full meal might slow you down.

The nutrient content of the food you grab before a bodybuilding workout can have a crucial impact on your subsequent training, both for aerobic and anaerobic activities. Carbs are the most important fuel source for intense exercise like bodybuilding. Perhaps the best energy insurance is to eat balanced meals throughout the day that are high in complex carbohydrates. Keep the ratio of starch to simple carbs at 5:1, with complex carbs accounting for about 50% of your total daily calories.

Carbs are also your best choice for an energy boost before your bodybuilding workout. Nutrient-dense snacks offer a big caloric punch in a relatively small package. Sugary, high-fat foods are the wrong choice (and the ones you'll likely crave when you're hungry) as they are digested slowly because of their high fat content, pulling water from your bloodstream into your digestive tract, which can drastically raise your insulin level - all factors that can negatively affect your bodybuilding training. Consider the importance of the following nutrients in the snacks you choose:

- Complex Carbs
Raise blood sugar levels only moderately and provide the type of fuel your body uses - glucose. Your best energy choice, complex carbs take longer to digest because they must be broken down into simple glucose molecules. Carb-stocked muscle glycogen is crucial for demanding bodybuilding training in both anaerobic and aerobic activities. If it's going to be more than an hour or two before bodybuilding training, choose foods that produce both the most even and prolonged blood-sugar response, yet still provide the energy
required by your working muscles. Complex carbs include grain products such as pasta and cereals, and potatoes.

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