Bodybuilding for Beginners

Bodybuilding for Beginners

We are against using a wide variety of bodybuilding workout for beginners. It confuses them and their bodies. When we train a beginner, we give him one basic workout for each body part. A beginner cannot tolerate more than five sets of workout for any one muscle group.

If the beginner gets loaded down with a lot of different bodybuilding exercises, he becomes distracted, loses his efficiency and, most of all, loses his enthusiasm. The latter is extremely important. He must learn to be satisfied with little gains, overjoyed, in fact. He must not be told that huge gains come easily, that he can get super-big overnight as long as he trains like Mr. Olympia. His progress should be a history of small successes, and he should look forward to each muscle gain with great anticipation. Like many beginners bodybuilder, he'll make some fast initial gains, but he has to realize from the beginning that fast gains won't last.

One of the most difficult things to do will be to set the beginner's mind in the right place. Many people get the wrong impression when they see us doing, for instance concentration curls with our eyes closed. They think that we are concentrating on doing the exercise. If they only knew! We are visualizing a mountain of muscle - a giant, unreal biceps more than 30 inches in diameter.

This way of training, of making larger than life goals, is almost a kind of hypnosis, a way to make the muscle function beyond its own rational brain. It obeys under hypnosis. It becomes very suggestible. This is the challenge for beginner's bodybuilder - that lifting is much more mental than we probably realizes.

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