Bodybuilding - Basic Training Program

Bodybuilding - Basic Training Program

The first task facing the beginning bodybuilder is to build up a solid foundation of muscle mass - genuine muscular weight, not bulky fat. Later, you will try to shape this muscle into a balanced, quality physique.

You do this by basic, hard training using heavy weights - grinding it out week after week until your body begins to respond. And what we mean by bodybuilding basic training program is not just a few exercises like Bent-Over Rows, Squats, and Biceps-Curls, but 30 to 40 exercises all designed to stimulate and develop the major muscle groups of the body.

What you want is size, the raw material of a great physique. The initial period may last two, three, or even as long as five years. The length of the process depends on a number of factors such as genetics, body type, and how much energy and motivation you are able to put into your bodybuilding training program. Whether a bodybuilder develops faster or slower is no particular guarantee of ultimate quality. What counts is how far you are able to go, not how fast. Dorian Yates, for example, who is incredibly massive, didn't even begin serious bodybuilding until his late teens and early twenties. So no matter when you start, how old you are, or what kind of body type you have, the process is the same - heavy, consistent, dedicated bodybuilding training program over an extended period of time.

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