Problems with the Feet

Problems with the Feet

By the time we are 75 years old, we will have walked the equivalent of four times around the world. The size and shape of your feet change with passage of time, so it is important to get your feet measured properly before buying any new shoes.

To reduce the risk of any problems, use moisturizers regularly, avoid having too long or too short toenails and visit the chiropodist early if you notice anything abnormal.

Massage your feet with marjoram and black pepper oil or add these to a warm foot bath. Use more garlic, cayenne pepper and ginger in cooking, as these are thought to power-up blood circulation to the feet.


These are painful bone deformities affecting the big toe joint. On some occasions, keeping the big toe straight using a small splint may help delay their appearance. Use a bunion shield, available from chemist shops. In serious cases, the only treatment is an operation to straighten the bone.


To avoid chilblains, keep your feet warm and dry. Use ginkgo biloba supplements and avoid smoking. See a doctor if your chilblains are severe.

Exercises for Tired Feet

  • While holding on to a table or chair, stand on tiptoe for a few seconds and repeat 5-10 times.
  • Rotate your foot as if you are drawing a circle with your big toe. Do this clockwise and then anticlockwise a few times.
  • Mobilize your foot first up and then down as if pressing on a pedal.

Diabetic Foot Problems

If you are a diabetic, take your feet very seriously indeed. Examine them regularly and if you see anything unusual, seek advice immediately. We have seen diabetic patients who had to be kept in hospital for months following infection of the foot. Some of these did not escape an amputation.

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