Hydergine is another brain booster which is supposed to revitalize worn-out brains. It has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA for use on people over the age of 60 with mental incapacity.

Hydergine has many effects on the brain but an important one is protection against damage from toxins and free radicals. This is relevant because the oxygen we breathe reacts with the fatty acids of the cell membrane during a chemical process called per oxidation. If there is excessive production of free radicals, per oxidation gets out of control, causing damage to the cell membrane, which crumbles like a shattered eggshell. Hydergine prevents this from happening. It also stimulates the production of new nerve endings (dendrites) which facilitates better communication between the brain cells.

Hydergine is used both to treat and prevent dementia. Higher doses are more effective and there are no serious side effects, but it can cause mild stomach upset and nausea. The treatment is claimed to be most effective in early dementia. It is not possible to reverse advanced dementia because the brain has already been damaged.

Hydergine is a prescription only drug.

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